Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Jennifer Hudson-JHUD

JHUD is the latest album of the American star Jennifer Hudson.

Her Music is Kind of Funky and Soul.

She released her Album : JHUD in September 2014.

Her music  makes me feel like I am alive.

In this album,She has collaborated with some Music Directors and some other people.Earlier ,She use to sing soloist songs.

I  recommend my Blog Readers to listen to her songs .

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Arthur Falcone :The Italian Music Master

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Overnight Reputation for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Arthur Falcone is an Italian .His music touches the heart of people all around the world.

Arthur Falcone's songs make me fell like I am un 60's or 70's..

Arthur Falcone music is all about heavy guitar riffs and rock ballads.

Arthur Falcone is a very down to earth man

My favourite abum by Arthur Falcone is Stargazer .

I recommend my Blog Readers to Listen to the songs by Arthur Falcone like Out of Control and many more.

Arthur Falcone

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How To Start Your Career in Computer Sciences ?

Now that you are considering a real career in computer sciences you will need to start with the basics as instructed below
First of all,You need to start with some programming Language such as C++,Java,PHP,etc.But I advice you to start with C and then continue to C++.
C++ is very easy to Learn.You can learn C++ through video Tutorials or you can also refer to books. Bucky's and Xoax Videos are the Best on Internet.

Here is a playlist of the Bucky's Tutorial for C++

Here are Xoax's Tutorial playlist for C++

Starting with C++ is great .Because, it makes our study for other Languages easy.
After Completion of C++,you may start with a new language.You should  take an overview of all languages available to you.
The Language you find interesting should be the language you should Work on deeply.Because,if you want to be a programmer,you have to work on only one language.
You should have perfection in Language,you want to work on...After completing your study about these languages,you should surely move onto (python) ..
For Tutorials Of Any of the Languages Contact undersigned...
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How To Know the Name and Resident City of the Person Troubling You on Mobile Phone?

Imagine a Person calling you up frequently & troubling you & the person is from your known one's.
What will you do in that case??


You would surely want to know the Name and other details about the caller troubling  you.

Whether this is possible or not ?
The answer is Yes , it is possible to find the detail information of an unknown number.

This Site Will Help You Finding The Details..


Click on Truecaller and You will be redirected to the official website of true caller.
Type the Phone Number to find the Details of the Caller.

You can also Download  the Official Software for Mobile

Open This Blog from Mobile and Click on Download True Caller for Mobile

Download True Caller for Mobile

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How to Remove Viruses from Your Windows or Mac Operating System Without any Antivirus?

First of all,Viruses are very harmful for your operating system.Installing an antivirus  is not a good idea.As installing an antivirus slows down processing of your operating system.It uses up Large Amount of RAM.So if Your Operating system slows down suddenly,it means either there is hardware problem or installation of a large exe file else Virus as attacked your System.

In order to Remove Viruses from your operating system without any installation of Antivirus.
Follow the following steps:


Combo Fix

2.Install Combo Fix

3.It will start making restore points and will start Scanning all exe's on your System.
   Do not open anything while the process takes place.It will automatically restart
   after the process is completed.

4.After restarting It will Remove all the viruses from your system.
   It will create  a log file of viruses found on your system.

5. After Log File is Created,Combo fix will automatically exit.

6. Now you Need to Uninstall Combo fix:
    Open Run by Pressing Windows Button +R

    Now Type combofix /uninstall
    It will Now Uninstall Combo Fix

7. Now Your System is Free from Viruses and Fast.

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